Nigel Hicks FBIPP
For our meeting on Friday 26th January 2018, we were delighted to welcome Nigel Hicks FBIPP with his talk titled 'Wild Southwest' Nick is a member of National Geographic Creative and he showcased the natural landscape and wildlife - both plant and animal - of Southwest England. Nigel said that the techniques are universal regardless of where in the world you are photographing, and secondly that you do not have to travel to the ends of the Earth to capture fantastic landscape and nature images - we have some remarkable stuff right in our back yard!
He spoke extensively about each picture shown gave us a lot of useful information. An excellent meeting.

Eddy and Pam Lane
On Friday 19th January we welcomed Eddy Lane ARPS, DPAGB, EFIAP and Pam Lane ARPS, DPAGB, EFIAP with their talk 'DOWN THE BRAHMAPUTRA - A JOURNEY THROUGH ASSAM' It was rather unfortunate that at the last moment Pam was unable accompany Eddy because she was unwell. We saw a fascinating set of pictures, landscape, animals, birds and people clad in colourful clothing. Eddy and Pam had captured the region very well and it was interesting to see pictures from this part of Eastern India. Eddy also brought a set of prints of the region.

Terry Walters EFIAP
Our speaker on Friday 12th January 2018 was Terry Walters EFIAP with his talk "An Eclectic Mix" Terry's presentation was well represented by the title, Landscapes, street photography, and wildlife but with a bias toward portraiture and figure work. The images were a mix of both traditional and manipulated images, and the challenge was to tell which fell into which category. Some were obvious, others are not, and Terry said that is the art of image manipulation. Terry also brought prints which were on display. A most enjoyable evening.


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Quarterly Competition 2017 presentations
Friday 5th 2018 was the first opportunity to present the trophies for the winners of the Quarterly Competitions. First in the Print category was Gordon Wilcock. Joint winners in the DPI category Adrian Herring and Gordon Wilcock. Mike Martin yet again won the Tankard for the most creative points over the Quarterlies and the Annual Exhibition. Presentation made by Chairman Steve Bridgen.

Cheltenham Salon 2017
On Friday 5th January 2018 we viewed the 2017 Cheltenham Salon of Photography. This was brought to us by Richard McCleery. We saw many projected images and the winners of the various categories. Several of our own members - Vanessa and Adrian Herring and Bruce Gibbs images were included in the presentation. A most enjoyable evening.

Party Night
Our meeting on 22nd December 2016 consisted of a fun competition. We split into 4 groups and armed with a selection of prints each group in turn put up a picture and the other 3 groups put up a similar picture. Adrian then made a decision who should get the point. All for fun and lots of hilarity.
This was followed by the Tea/Coffee break and to sample the goodies which members had brought along. Picture by Dave Rumsan

Judge for Quarterly No.4 2017
On Friday 15th December, we held our final Quarterly Competition for 2017 when the Judge on this occasion was Eddie Lane ARPS, DPAGB, AFIAP who was very fair and delivered excellent and helpful comments on our work. The top prints and DPI's follow

Quarterly No.4 Open Class PRINTS
1st 'Pillars of Nature' by Arthur Lees
2nd 'Curious' by Joanne Searle
Jnt 3rd 'Cormorant' by Gordon Wilcock
Jnt 3rd 'Concentration' by Adrian Herring

Quarterly No.4 Open Class DPI's
1st 'Dance like no-ones watching' Mike Martin
2nd 'Kestrel with Prey' Gordon Wilcock
Jnt 3rd 'Sidecar Grass Track Mania' Adrian Herring
Jnt 3rd 'Spirits awaken' Mike Martin

Sue and Richard Winkworth
The speakers for our meeting on Friday 8th December were Sue and Richard Winkworth with their presentation "Home and Away"
This was a selection of Audio Visual sequences featuring people and places. Many were light-hearted and others a little more serious - other informative and amusing.
A most enjoyable evening.

Display of KPS Archive pictures
On Friday 1st December, the speaker booked was unable to attend, so President John Long was asked to show the Society archive of prints and albums. We saw the Permanent Collection of prints, together with interesting information about the photographers, and after the break we viewed the Bennett-Salanson Bowl pictures, these being the winning picture in each Exhibition.

Our President is seen here with several of his Bennett-Salanson Bowl winners (photo: Kevin Poole]

The Kingswood Salver Competition
Our entry to the Kingswood Salver Competition was co-ordinated by Kevin Poole and consisted of five pictures of the inner part of glass Paper Weights.
The members taking part were (left to right) Arthur Lees, Alan Searle, Dave Bryan, Joanne Searle, Kevin Poole. We gained a Commended which is in affect, 5th out of eighteen clubs taking part

On Friday 24th November 2017 we held the 70th Annual General Meeting Officers and Committee gave their reports and a new committee were elected. Details of the new committee may be found on the Officers Page.

At the end of the meeting, the presentation of the "Clubman of the Year" Trophy was made by our newly elected Chairman to Arthur Lees.

Christine Widdall MPAGB, FBPE, EFIAP
Our speaker for the meeting on Friday 17th November was Christine Widdall MPAGB, FBPE, EFIAP with her talk 'PORTFOLIO' Christine says "My aim is very simple and straightforward – to try to capture places, people and moments in time and make them as beautiful and interesting as possible" Portfolio was a talk which covers most of the photographs which Christine generally photographs, starting with the landscape around Saddleworth. These were excellent, as were the photographs taken in the city. After the break Christine showed us 'Deconstructions' of her montage work. Firstly showing the finished picture then how the various elements were put together for the finished picture. There was also display of mounted and loose prints to see before the meeting and during the break. A memorable evening!

2017 Annual Exhibition
The Annual Exhibition for 2017 took place on Friday 10th November. Members and many visitors were able to view the prints and DPI's, there was an excellent atmosphere and much lively conversation. The two Main award winners were - Prints 'Pensive' by Vanessa Herring and DPI's 'Beauty is the eye of the Beholder' by Mike Martin


The group picture is by Dave Rumsan
Exhibition Award Winners
Best Print in the Exhibition 'Pensive' by Vanessa Herring
Best Pictorial Print 'Natural Beauty' by Joanne Searle
Best People Print 'Pensive' by Vanessa Herring
Best Nature Print 'Male Sparrowhawk and Prey' by Gordon Wilcock
Best Record/Applied Print 'Jugs in Time' by Derek Webber
Best overall Monochrome Print 'Pensive' by Vanessa Herring
Best overall Colour Print 'Look at the Drawing of the Bullock' by Adrian Herring

Best DPI in the Exhibition 'Beauty is in the eye of the Beholder' by Mike Martin
Best Pictorial DPI 'Beauty is in the eye of the Beholder' by Mike Martin
Best People DPI 'Resting on a long walk from the shop' by Adrian Herring
Best Nature DPI 'Grouse in cover' by Jean Dimond
Best Record/Applied DPI 'Left and Forgotten' by Joanne Searle
Best overall monochrome DPI 'Resting on the Walk from the Shop' by Adrian Herring
Best overall Colour DPI 'Waiting for the rain to stop' by Sue Winkworth
Our speaker on 3rd November was PAT EMERY with his print talk titled 'Landscape, Wildlife and Sport" - all about capturing moving targets in their environment. We were delighted to see, first of all, a selection of superb monochrome pictures and this was followed by colour prints. After the break we were treated to a great selection of wildlife pictures.

The annual AV FORUM evening was held on Friday 27th October 2017. Six members brought sequences, all of which were enjoyable and well-worth watching. A number of members were asking during the coffee break and after the meeting what programmes had been used, so there may be a little more interest in Audio Visual in future.
Studio Evening
On Friday October 20th, Mike Martin held one of the popular Studio evenings. It was an all-male evening with Paul and Keith and was very popular.

Ed Collacott
On Friday 13th October our speaker was Ed Collacott with his talk "A Passion for Landscapes" Ed's lifelong passion for landscapes will be demonstrated by showing an extensive collection of Fine Art prints of many places within the UK. They show seasonal variation and textural diversify of many parts of the United Kingdom. The majority of these are new pictures from recent travels.