Graham Fisher

On Friday 16th March 2018, our speaker was GRAHAM FISHER with his talk 'The Rise and Rise of the Camera Phone'

Graham has a background as a Chartered Electrical and Electronic Engineer and by profession spent many years within Research and Development for telecommunications companies. With his considerable knowledge in this industry, he demonstrated with many photographic examples how the quality of camera phones has dramatically improved since the first one was introduced in 1992. Graham showed that the level of improvement has been so great, that in certain conditions, the camera phone produces an image with a better tonal range than a good quality camera.-

At the end of evening, Graham presented digital images which members of the Bath Photographic Society had submitted for a ‘Smart Phone Competition’. After a vote, a snow covered landscape was deemed the winner. This was most extraordinary because Graham revealed that, coincidentally, it was the same one members had chosen at the Bath meeting!