FT Trophy and AP Trophy Competitions

On Friday 27th April 2018 we held the annual FT and AP Trophy Competitions.
The results were:
Frank Thomas (FT) Trophy Competition for three sets of PRINTS.
1st 'The Awakening' by Mike Martin
2nd 'Love is Colour Blind' by Mike Martin
3rd 'Lansdown Woods' by Derek Webber
HC 'Old Crete' by Bruce Gibbs
HC 'Bikers' by Derek Webber

Andy/Pauline (AP] Trophy Competition for a set of three DPI's
1st 'Banged up' by Mike Martin
2nd 'High Finance' by Bruce Gibbs
3rd 'Gentleman Farmer' by Mike Martin
HC 'Fairytale' by Sue Winkworth
HC 'Drawn into the Light' by Dave Rumsam